• I was asked to recommend a hand surgeon, so I went to this website today. Dr. Bischoff did my second carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand. My first surgery on my right hand was done by a surgeon that retired. I can not do anything but highly, highly recommend Dr. Bischoff. It was done almost two years ago, and my hand has been perfect every since.
  • Tendon transfer of left thumb. The other "hand surgeon" I reviewed in this app gave me little hope of having a functional thumb. Dr. Bischoff was confident he could help me from the start and he did! A successful surgery, by a kind and considerate man. He has the respect of his staff and everyone I encountered at the hospital raved and assured me I was in good hands. His office staff at Premier Orthopedics was kind and accommodating. I don't think I had a negative experience throughout the whole ordeal. Thank you Dr. Bischoff and may God Bless You!
  • I had an excellent experience with Dr. Bischoff. He handled my complex tendon injury with grace and was extremely diligent. The healing process he put me on after surgery enabled me to get full function of my fingers back, which is almost unheard of in injuries such as mine. Dr. Bischoff was clear in his directions and swift in timing. He always answered my questions. My scar is hardly visible. I would not go to any other hand surgeon in Tulsa. Bischoff is simply the best!
  • Dr. Bischoff recently did surgery on my dupuytrens contracture and everything has turned out great! I would highly recommend Dr. Bischoff as he's very easy to speak with, listens to and answers all questions and you don't feel like he's in a rush. Wish I would have had it done 2 years ago when I first saw him in lieu of putting it off.
  • Very positive interaction with Dr. Bischoff. I had both hand and shoulder issues. He explained the hand procedures and was very straightforward in advising me that this may not resolve the shoulder issue but was a necessary and relatively easy carpal tunnel surgery.
  • After a negative appointment with another "hand surgeon" I went to Dr. Bischoff. He performed a tendon transfer on my thumb. Before the operation I had no use of it whatsoever, it curled into my palm. Now, I have 85% use and it gets stronger every day. Not only his he extremely talented, he is a kind and considerate man. His office staff wonderful and accommodating. The day of my surgery, each nurse, staff member etc. raved about him and said I was in good hands. I can't express enough my gratitude for giving me my thumb back.